Objectives of a Trade Union

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The five general objectives of a trade union are collective bargaining, where a trade union represents its members to negotiate with their employers with regards to better wages and other terms and conditions of employment. Secondly, is safeguarding jobs. A union protects the jobs of its members by ensuring that their members are not being dismissed arbitrarily. Next, a trade union also assists in cooperating with their employers. The union works closely with employers and assists to resolve disputes in a mutually acceptable manner. Better working relationships will ensure success of the company and also employee satisfaction. The fourth objective is participating in political activities. Unions play an active role in politics in some countries, while in other countries; they play an indirect political role by putting pressure on the government for laws or reforms that benefits the workers. Lastly, will be the social activities. In some countries, unions provide financial support and recreational facilities to their members (Huat).

Unions act as a perfect agent or a mediator between the firm and its employees to ensure successful and fair operations in the organisation. There are a couple of ways where unions can promote…

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