Objectives of an Accounting and Finance Manager

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Objectives of an accounting and finance manager In a more and more competitive and dynamic market place and industry, economic agents have to continually devise and implement strategic courses of action that ensure their long term success and stability. In this equation, the role of the organizational managers suffers some notable changes, in the meaning that they are no longer simply expected to carry out executive decisions and continually seek profitability, but as they become more responsible for the company's image within the public, for the satisfaction of the customers and for the performances of the employees. In other words, the modern day managers have to meet the profitability goals of the economic agent with the integration and satisfaction of the needs and wants of various categories of stakeholders, such as the employees, the customers, the business partners, the public, the government and so on. In such a setting then, a question is being posed relative to the actual objective of the accounting and finance managers. Paramasivan and Subramanian (2009) argue that there are numerous objectives of financial management, which can nevertheless be classified into two categories: Objectives of profit maximization, and Objectives of wealth maximization. Still, this identification of the financial and accounting objective is shorthanded by numerous limitations. For instance, the maximization of profit implies the exploitation of workers and consumers and it
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