Objectivism In Anthem By Ayn Rand By Scott Westerfeld

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At first glance, the book Anthem by ayn rand is pretty good. The book flows nicely and makes you want to stay up reading it instead of sleeping(at least that’s what I did). But there is a lot more hidden in the writing than you might think. In this essay, I will be discuss the topics of the unspeakable word, Objectivism, Rand putting her life into her work, and the possibilities of a connection between Anthem and the book “Uglies” by Scott Westerfeld. Ayn rand is a really smart author, and she has hidden many secrets in her book.
I think that the unspeakable word might be a metaphor for some other things that would have been happening at that time, perhaps the red scare. The red scare(as i am sure you know) was a period of history in The
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Not extremely unlike Ayn rand’s life(and I say that truthfully, because I left out several things, including the golden one. Maybe a metaphor for a life that she wanted to live?). I think that the forest, an extremely common archetype that was and is used in several popular stories, might be a metaphor for the United States. A place where, if you can do it right, can make yourself a good life and have money, but is full of dangers, and where anything can go wrong. Ayn rand made herself a great life in America, and I expect Equality would have done the same in the forest(if rand decided to continue the book).
When was writing about the unknown forest archetype, I thought of something else. I realized that there could have been a timeline between the book Uglies, which we read in Fundamentals of English, and the book anthem(I don’t know if you mentioned it in class or not. If you did, I probably thought about it earlier, forgot about it, remembered it, then thought I came up with it. I also don’t know if you can have analytical and creative writing themes in the same essay. i apologize if you aren't allowed, just make sure to tell me, because I am probably going to do it in the next essay as well). I think that there could be a timeline between the two books, and, though very unlikely, that scott westerfeld might have read the book, at some point in his life, and thought it would be interesting to write a
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