Objectivity in Journalism

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Journalists should express their ideologies and opinions while covering poverty, however, at the same time they should aim to maintain the objectivity and impartiality standards for effective and truthful and accurate reporting. In news reporting, objectivity is seen as one of the chief values for journalists. The objectivity norm guides to separate the facts from opinions and focus on reporting only the factual content, resulting in neutral and detached reports rather than emotional ones (Schudson, 2001). On the other hand, reporting poverty appears as a more complex and sensitive issue which may often require the journalist to put forward some of their views to provide the reader with more realistic portrayal of a situation. One…show more content…
However Wainwright criticises the idea of emotional journalism and argues that one should remain dispassionate in order to give an accurate account of events. Although more sensitive approach seems appropriate while reporting on issues such as poverty, he states that journalists should still try to remain objective (Quoted in Harcup, 2009: 92). While reporting on poverty, the notion of objectivity should be used a guideline for journalists to ensure accurate and realistic reporting rather than merely providing the readers with personal and subjective ideas on the issue. Boyer (1981) suggested that objectivity can be defined as balancing different sides of an issue and presenting all the significant points; separating facts from values, but considering the values as relevant; minimising the influence of personal opinions, attitude or involvement with the case; and finally avoiding any malicious, deceitful or slant purposes (Cited in Watson, 1998: 98). The coverage of poverty in the news includes a number of representations, which are not always an accurate portrayal of the situation but often constitute facts and reinforce stereotypes. The general understanding of global poverty for the public is derived from the media
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