Objectivity of Documentary Film: Cinema Vérité Essay examples

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Introduction The ideation of objectivity remains a highly debatable subject among philosophical elites. Some philosophers may argue that human’s understanding of objectivity is subject to the scope of understanding of the term and exposure (Livingstone & Plantinga 10). When the term objectivity is entwined with realism, it yields a complex ideation that remains highly debatable and less agreeable among erudite authors (Livingstone & Plantinga 23). However, to understand and appreciate the concept of realism and objectivity in film, it becomes critical to adopt a definite definition. First, the term reality in film is used to describe concepts that are visible in nature as experienced on a daily life by one or more individuals (Livingstone…show more content…
According to Williams (11, 12), cinema vérité demands that the filmmaker take an active role in the documentary. This does not include commenting on the progress of the documentary or creating voice overs but rather being an active participant of the event as it unfolds (Das 62). However, Rivers connotes that the filmmaker, “May provoke a reaction from the subject or may voice an opinion…” (428). This influence comes in various ways ranging from selection of shots and editing as will be discussed later. For instance, in one scene of the classic cinema vérité documentary Harlan County USA, the crew is physically attacked by the foreman’s men as they film the strike by coal miners. This attack seems a subjective because the attack was because of creating an audio-visual evidence of the incidences rather than the objective reality of a contract needed amendment. The production of the film is what impacted the change in contract, which is an influential and thus subjective realism (Bernard 105). The outcome was influenced by the presence of a perceivably stronger external pressure emanating from the production of the video evidence in form of a documentary. Objectivity in Funding and Scope of Coverage Finding is another factor that affects objectivity and realism in preparation of a documentary. When there is an external funding organization, the likelihood of conflict of interest increases exponentially (Baudrillard 46). On the other hand, when the

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