Obligations, Interventions, Peacekeeping : Exploration For A New Mandate

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Obligations, Interventions, Peacekeeping: Exploration for a New Mandate to Protect “We can do whatever we want. Let’s go” - General Roméo Dallaire, commanding United Nations forces in Rwanda, January 1994 OUR OBLIGATION TO THE WORLD In the modern societies in which many of us want and desire is to live in a free and unrestrictive manner; yet it is such a shame that we do little or nothing at all to help those who need our help the most. In fact, those commissioned and appointed to this task are often, if left to their own devices, the most unsuitable people for the job. There have been great strides by those in positions of power to help elevate this problem that is experienced by those who suffer during times of conflict. Whilst researchers, civil society, and nations alike remain profoundly bewildered over the cause of conflict, the reality is that there are no simple description for the grounds of conflict and the way these very elements fuel the acceleration of indiscriminate violence. To fully comprehend the dynamics of intrastate violence amongst various parties in a conflict, specifically conflicts that have multiple dynamic levels and layers of violence, any analysis needs to involve the measurement of diverse indicators such as the movement of actors, poverty and high population growth, resource scarcity, discrimination, disempowerment of minorities and other groups in society, military threats, and sources of insecurity. Nevertheless, these mixtures of indicators

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