Obscuring Identities Online

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Since social media is such a mainstay in today’s society, people should not be allowed to obscure their identities on any platform. People use it to connect with family members, make love connections and even sometimes just to feel included. While social media and other online accounts and things of that nature can be fun and helpful, there is a lot that goes happens on a daily basis online that is not safe. The world is full of people who are not considerate of others feelings and choose to ignore right from wrong. There are scammers, bullies, predators and overall terrible people who make being online and having an account unsafe. If there was a way to pin point who these people are early, something can be done and can make social media…show more content…
This is another major flaw in being allowed to obscure identities on social media and other online sites. If people are required to always show their true selves and use their real names, kids are going to be less likely to fall for predator accounts. With full names and accurate profile pictures, even if a child falls for a predators lie, one again police and investigators will be able to identify and locate the predator quicker than having to contact information technology teams to track them down. It is also important to understand that while there are a lot of people who hide their identity on social media and other online sights for vindictive reasons, there is also a large portion of people who do it for other reasons. Some people are not comfortable with putting their full name out there for everyone to see and want to maintain their privacy. There are people who want to be able to be on social media and in with everyone else but they do not want it to be easy for everyone to find them. Whatever is put on the internet stays on their even after you delete it and sometimes that is not always a good thing. If you search hard enough, no matter how badly someone does not want to be found it is quite possible. Not everyone wants to hide their identity to be rude or mean or to scam people out of their belongings. Sometimes it is all about personal preference and what they are comfortable with. Others, could be trying to hide from the very people who are online
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