Observation: A Short Story

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It was a dark afternoon with clouds blocking the beautiful sky from the morning sun. As I was leaving basketball practice with my friend Baylee, the sky started to turn green and the wind started to pick up. As we got to her house we ran to the porch as it started to rain but we never expected to this to happen.
As it poured down outside her window we were waiting for her dad to get back from simple simons. As we waited we were setting the table. Then we noticed it stopped raining so we went outside and as soon as we got to the porch we heard sirens. And we knew exactly what they were for they were tornado sirens. As we were running to the tornado shelter a tree fell right on top of the door of the tornado shelter.
As we stood there in shock the wind got stronger. And as it got stronger we began to get more and more scared and our adrenaline was up. As we put our head together to find a place that we would be safe we decided that it would safe at the school storm cellar. As we got to the school it was crowded with people and one person in the crowd said there is only two minutes left before the doors close.
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When we got in there was very little space to walk, and you could hear the wind as with the door shut. And when the doors closed you could hear banging on the doors that got there too late. We sat there for an hour as soon as the sirens went off the doors open when we got outside it was a horrific sight that day. We went to Baylee house and it was not there.
That day one hundred people died and seven hundred people were injured. We never did find Baylee neighbors in their storm cellar or ever again. I hope this will never happen ever again because I would not be able to bare
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