Observation And Analysis Of A Hispanic Infant

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Observation and Analysis of a Hispanic Infant Our Lady of the Lake University SOWK 7328 I) Introduction Jace is the pseudonym the parents chose for the anonymity of this youth. Jace means healing in Spanish and was chosen because every time the youth smiles his mother says it heals her and makes her happy no matter what. Jace was born in 2015 to a mixed family, his father is half Hispanic and half African American and the mother is half African American and half Caucasian, but Jace definitely takes after his father. Jace looks almost identical to the pictures of his father at the same age, Jace will be one-year-old this month. Prior to this observation research was done into the developmental stages of an infant and upon observation Jace seems to fit the normal progressive state of birth to one year old would go through. He is smart, charismatic, creative, happy, but maybe a little spoiled as he is the baby of the family. Jace was the last baby to be born and the third male out of the other five siblings. Anthony has two other children from a previous relationship who live with their mother, one child is an eighteen-year-old male and the other is a seventeen-year-old female. The other four siblings live in the home with Jace, he has an older brother who is sixteen, a sister who is thirteen, a brother who is eleven, and another sister who is eight years old. Anthony and Jeanine are the parents of Jace and who were in the room during Jace’s
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