Observation And Interpretation Of Therapeutic Communication

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On the first encounter, a nurse has the duty to foster a healthy and trusting relationship with their client. As a caregiver, the nurse must be able to differentiate between various communication techniques and implement those that are most useful to facilitate the client’s specific needs. Every individual one way or another has had the chance to socially communicate with others, in which a conversation is usually unplanned and spontaneous. Social communication is casual and does not require an obligation to the other person. However, not everyone has been exposed to the therapeutic communication process where one places emphasis on a planned interaction with a particular purpose. As explained by Potter & Perry (2013), therapeutic communication involves techniques that promote the wellbeing of an individual through meticulous observation and interpretation of cues. Once cues are deciphered, the nurse can initiate and respond to the client and cultivate a healing relationship.
Social interaction between nurse and client during nursing care is shared and reflects on the feelings of both parties. It is not necessary to have a meaning when socializing, but this type of communication can serve as a way to be on the same level with your patient. Social communication allows the patient to feel as though you are not just there to repair their physical condition. Levine ( 2014) explains the ability of a nurse to ask questions reveals interest and produces feelings of acceptance…
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