Observation And Requirements Gathering Of A Workout App

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Observation and Requirements Gathering Introduction The purpose of the report is to gather beneficial information that is important to the user of a workout app, such as features, usability, and functionalities. Method Five people provided interviews to gather the user observations. All five of these people enjoy exercising on a daily basis. The group is comprised of three men and two women. All were interviewed in person with pen and paper for data gathering. The data that was gathered was then interpreted into needs and from that a survey was developed. Results The questions in Appendix A could get the most out of users because they cover all aspects of design and they are simple. The most common feature in the app was music control. It would be more convenient for the users to access and control their music directly in the app without having to access their devices native music app. One particular item of interest is the fact that no one mentioned anything about social media connectivity. Some of the features discussed were GPS tracking, music control, workout comparison and goal metrics. Need No. Question Response Interpreted Need 1 What is the best feature in a workout app? I think the best feature is music control music 2 To me GPS GPS tracking 3 It would be comparisons between workouts compare workouts 2 Definitely GPS GPS tracking 1 I like for workout apps to have music control music 4 What could this app do that competitor apps do not? Remind me to workout

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