Observation Dancers And The Classroom

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For this observation dancers were observed from the classroom to the stage. I participated in the dance class and watched from aside on stage. This was specifically this weekI focused on the language and communication between the dancers and dance teachers/professors based on their interactions or lack there of. This was done in the dance room and in the theater, which have different affects on the dancers. Dance, defined as moving rhythmically to music and typically following a set sequence of steps, is a a social phenomenon that has principles of symbolic interaction theory seen through language and communication. Symbolic interaction is seen through the location— stage, room, not dancing— and verbal language, which includes movement, technique, and rhythm. This interaction is also seen in the specific communication, either positive or negative, with the amount of intimacy and knowledge. All this connects to one another to create a symbol among dance and dancers to interact. Body language varies between the places dancers are either in the dance room, the stage, or not in dance by any means. In the dance room there is a certain etiquette to embody, which is a positive attitude and a time to learn. Before stage or a performance a serious aspect is seen and their is supposed to be a positive tension. During the stage performance the etiquette is to remain calm and do what was practiced. When dancers are not in a dancing environment there a whole different persona

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