Observation Essay About Gymnasts

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Zachary Grenier Paper 3 Professor Stutzman November 20, 2011 Androgynous Athletes or Just Girls? It’s midafternoon, class-bound students are passing each other in the halls, and all I can hear is loud music secreting from two large oak doors with fogged glass. I peer in through the slightly ajar door to observe something amazing. A circus of sorts was hiding just outside the hallway. Flipping, jumping, spinning, and tumbling, in every direction I looked. Metal apparatus stretch high into the sky with silhouettes of strong bodied females gracefully swinging from bar to bar. On my left an elevated floor with more scattered females charging down a path of blue mats concluding with cartwheels and back flips. To my right a more…show more content…
I could see the girls were fighters and like a pack of wolves will surround each other in protection. I viewed the maternal instinct women are born with and a camaraderie known to anyone who’s played a team sport. Most female students at Southern have no camouflage and surface appeal gives it all away. Some are purely there for education, while others to impress the male student body. The motivation behind their look and stride is about attracting attention. Most girls at Southern show pride for sports through a sweatshirt or boyfriends track jacket. Like in the fifties, the same rules apply to college relationships and symbols of commitment remain the same. The women’s gymnastics team is distinct though. They were consistently worried about each other and impressions were made through achievements not a letter jacket. No armoire is worn on their battlefield, just calloused hands and dedication. I just stood there for over an hour in pure awe. So while I stand in admiration of these girls, their personalities and talents woven intricately together to form a resilient team, I can’t help but put them on a pedestal. Not the type they stand on with a gold medal around their neck, but a pedestal lofted by dedication, hard work, and pure talent. While other girls at SCSU spend their time at the gym on the stair master or treadmill working on their ever so
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