Observation For Child Observation

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For my Child observation, I did a little girl named Bryntlie. Bryntlie has an older sister, along with a mom and dad. Bryantlie doesn’t have a cat or a dog, but she loves her cows. She said she has a hundred black ones. When I asked her what her favorite food was, she didn’t even hesitate, she smiled and said, “cheese pizza”, and she eats it every night. Bryntlie likes to play Barbie’s with her sister and her favorite color is light blue like the sky. She explained to me that she has a huge 6-foot doll house and she has a smaller one too. She went into detail about her doll house, it has 3 rooms, a bathroom, kitchen and a huge porch. Bryntlie loves to read, her favorite book is Brown Bear Brown Bear. She said her mother reads her the story every night before she goes to bed. Her favorite character in the story is the fish, because she likes to swim. Her favorite song is Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star, she said she likes the song because she likes watching the stars at night. Bryntlie was telling me a story about how her sister and herself went to help dad feed the cows. Big sister got in the fence with the cows to go pet the baby calf and got chased by the momma cow. But she went on to explain to me that it wasn’t the momma cows fault because she was trying to protect her baby. Bryntlie likes to drawl. If you set a piece of paper down in front of her, she will write her name really big on the right-hand side and then begins to draw. She mostly drawls flowers, hearts and
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