Observation For Field Observation

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For this field observation study, the Alton Mall in Alton, Illinois was the location chose to be observed. I chose this location for the mere fact that it is close in proximity of my house, it’s relatively small and it coincides with my research question. This field observation study consists of observing behaviors, and actions of others in the food court area at the Alton Mall. The research question at hand wants to look at and learn why individuals choose where to sit, how individuals act while eating, and how they feel. This study glances over all of these aspects to see how they correspond and compare with each another.
When discussing the first aspect of my research question, the observations will show where individuals choose to sit in the food court area. As stated by Hernandez (2015), “Past research finds that people prefer to sit next to others who are similar to them…” (p. 1328). During the field observation conducted, it was found differently, and this has to do with the low amount of customers flowing in and out of this tiny mall daily. With this smaller mall, seating patterns held up differently than what is usually expected, due to the fact of individuals being in an empty food court area or only have one other family present. This is important to study because seating patterns can give away details of what others are perceiving about one another.
In addition to observing seating patterns, what was also observed was how individuals act while eating. When

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