Observation Is The Major Role Of The Teacher

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Observation: Observation is the major role of the teacher. The teacher observes for routines and procedure to be observed. The teacher observes for ground rule in the classroom and in individual materials. The ground rules are opportunity for the child to develop his/her will. The teacher observes for pattern of order in the behavior of the child. The teacher observes for respect child to child, child to material, child to adult interaction.
Control of Error: is the built in aspect of the material also sometime found as coding on the back of the material.
For Example, in spindle box the extra or not enough spindle left is control of error. The material like matching numeral to number rods, teacher is the control of error. Prepare of the environment: A prepared environment is an important role of Montessori classroom .the goal of prepared environment is to make children safe and comfortable. A calm and orderly space enables the children to work on various activities of their choice at a pace they are comfortable with. They also experience a mix of freedom and self-discipline in space that is designed to meet their development needs.
A teacher observes the child working with the materials and make changes to the environment. In mathematic materials, extensions and additional problems are introduced to deepen child’s understanding of materials. For example, variations introduced when child is ready with basic concepts of a particular material to support child needs.
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