Observation Of A Family

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Finally, close to the end of our 45 minutes of observation, Maria removed her daughter from the highchair, and immediately the baby started to run around the house playing with her toys. Maria followed her and provided constant supervision ensuring that her daughter did not get into anything that would hurt her. Maria then made the comment “this is my daily life”, and it was obvious that while she enjoyed caring for her daughter it was an exhausting task. Maria was still in her work clothes, and it was already 6:15 p.m., she then walked in to the kitchen and placed a baby guard gate in the door to prevent her daughter from leaving the kitchen, and started to prepare dinner for the family. The baby sat on a mat rolled out playing with toys and eating cheerios in a bowl with no milk.
As I wrapped up the observation I spoke with Maria for about 15 minutes and wanted to know her thoughts on raising their first child while working full-time, and while working on her Masters to become a Marriage Family Therapist. She immediately stated that it would be possible if they did not have the support of their family. Hector’s mother watches her daughter while they work, and on some occasions, will stay the night at their home when she has to travel for work. After speaking with her I realized the role that family plays in their lives. Every Sunday the entire family gathers at Hectors parents’ home after mass to eat as a family, and she stated that she has contact with her
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