Observation Of A Five Year Old Girl

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Observation of a Five Year Old Girl The subject is a six year old girl named Nayali. She lives in a small apartment with her mother and aunt. Nayali was born in Cuba and just moved to the United States three months ago to live with her mother and aunt. Nayali is committed to her family. Her beliefs are not defined yet because of her age, but she believes in some characters such as Santa. According to her mother, Nayali is in discomfort with the changes experienced. She speaks Spanish and her mother says that she is bothered by having to learn a new language. Nayali´s mother says that her emotional attitude varies between happiness to anger. She complains constantly to her mother about living so far from her friends and loved ones. In her past, she used to play along with her friends. Since she moved to the United States, she had to make new friends. According to Nayali´s mother, she has a strong character and likes to do things in her own way. Her mother says that sometimes Nayali looks anxious. Nayali´s way of playing has changed drastically considering space, customs and the kind of games. The space that Nayali has to play is small. This is the reason why Nayali has to adapt to new circumstances. Her mother says that overall, she is an affectionate girl. The only concern Nayali´s mother has is that she is not getting used to her new life. According to Feature (2015), parents sometimes does not realize the kind of issues that their children might have, they believe that is
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