Observation Of A Foster Mother

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It is a sunny summer day as I approach the home of a friend of mine who is a foster parent to four children and the infant I am going to observe has been in my friend’s home since she was less than a week old but does have visitation with her biological father on the weekends. The little girl is now sixteen months old and has seen me numerous times over the past year, in which this has been a great opportunity to see the growth of this child since she was six months old. As the door is opened upon my arrival, Baby-girl M is standing next to her foster dad (I will refer to him as her dad in this observation) and as I look at her she gives a big smile, I wave to her, she waves back and her dad says “Can you say “hi” to Ms. Annette? Baby-girl M verbally says “Hi”. I ask her for a “high-five” in which she gives me a “high-five” then daddy says “Can you give Ms. Annette knuckles?” Baby-girl M makes a fist and we bump knuckles, next she goes and runs to the other room to tell her foster mom (I will refer to the foster mom as the mom in this paper) that there is someone here. I walk into the family room to see all the children are sitting around reading books and the little ones are chatting up a storm with one another plus have Baby-girl M entertained at the same time. One of the younger boys is doing summersaults, in which Baby-girl M wants to do it too. Two of the boys help her as mom coaches them on positioning Baby-girl M, next thing happening is Baby-girl M
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