Observation Of A Local Outdoor Park

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Observation of Setting:
The setting of my observation 2 took place in a local outdoor park. It was a new park that opened maybe a few months ago down the street from my house, and you could easily tell that it was catered towards the younger age group due to the safety mechanisms and the big, bright, and colorful designs. I chose to observe the same child as I did last time, 3 year old Emmanuel. The observation took place around the same time as observation 1, which is basically after his mother got off work and picked him up for school. However, instead of observing little Emmanuel alone by himself, I was able to observe him play in a group setting. Ironically, at the park there were about three other children his age playing, a 1 year old who looked liked he was just learning to walk and struggling, an older child who looked as if she was about 6 or 7 years old, and then the parents surrounding the edge of the park. It was interesting to watch Emmanuel so cooperatively go with his mom, walk out the door, and pretty much just follow the rules of what she wanted. He could obviously tell from her actions that they were about to leave the house to go somewhere. It was as if he didn’t really care; all he knew is that if mom goes then I have to go and I have learned that’s the way it is. At that moment he knew she was in control. So I would say his attitude was very nonchalant. Then as we walked down the street with me talking to his mom and her holding his hand, something
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