Observation Of Artificial Intelligence ( Ai )

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We were asked to explore, http://www.aaai.org, a website used to promote research, understanding, teaching and training of artificial intelligence (AI). When I think of AI I think of the terminator and robots taking over the world, I mean really who doesn’t? In relation to healthcare I think AI means robotics, robotic medication servers, robotic laparoscopic arms, robotic prosthetic’s. I have seen automated medication servers used to deliver daily multi-patient medications. The use of robotic laparoscopic arms to perform surgical procedures, that once required large abdominal incisions. And then Luke, named after Luke Skywalker, again a movie reference, the most advanced prosthetic limb that interacts with brainwaves to perform highly complex tasks. Luke is the first FDA approved advanced prosthetic arm with the functionality of a natural limb (www.analog.com). The world as we know it is rapidly evolving. It is our responsibility as healthcare professionals to keep up to date with and understand these changes. Carol Hutson in her peer-reviewed article for the Online Journal of Issues in Nursing discusses various emerging technologies that will change the face of healthcare, as we know it (Hutson, 2013, p. 1). She writes about things I could only imagine as science friction, a bionic eye, tattoos for monitoring glucose, and in keeping with the class reading Paro a mental service robot, unbelievable. The first prototype for the bionic eye was supposed to revealed in 2013.
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