Observation Of Body Posture And Motion Essay

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Abstract— In this paper, remembrance of body posture and motion is an important physiological function that can keep the body in balance and give the confidence to person. There are many man-made motion sensors have also been widely applied in biomedical applications including diagnosis of balance disorders and evaluation of energy outlay, calories consumption calculation. This paper reviews sensing components utilized for body motion measurement. The working principles of a natural body motion sensor, pulse rate of heart, are first described. Here various components like accelerometer, pulse rate sensor, ARM10 are then elaborated based on their characteristic sensing mechanisms. In this paper by introducing small, low cost, better sensors with a wireless network, the novel project aim to provide a path towards more independent living for all kind of people and play important role in basic research as well as hospital diagnosis. Index Terms—Accelerometer, Pulse rate sensor, ARM10 microcontroller. I. INTRODUCTION When the body motion is derived then movement of multiple feature points attached on the body. Likewise there are many factors which are responsible for human body posture. In society there are many cases which suffer from imbalance, negative attitude towards weight gain [1]. We know that every person having different body index, according to that every one hopes that he or she will be fine and better body posture in society. Motion sensing is a critical sensing
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