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1. Summarize your fifth visit to the school: pupils you interacted with, activities you participated in, interactions between you and the students and among the students, materials used, curricular areas addressed, specially-designed instruction and impacts of the pupils’ disability on their learning/performance.

Students A, B, E and F from previous were present for my final observation in the classroom, the other students were not present because they were either recovering from an illness or surgery.
I was told that on most Mondays, the kids tend to be less willing to pay attention in class and work on task. For the most part this was the case, Student A was cooperative and friendly for the first hour of the observation, but became
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I could tell that she recognized some of the numbers and with some help she was able to appropriately mark them on the card. The next activity was reading and a test of memory at the end in the form of a worksheet where the students glued pictures in appropriate boxes according to the story. After this, we spent the end of the day doing the classroom jobs with the students: recycling, backpack check, etc.

2. Provide an overall summary of the students and the activities you observed and participated in for the five different visits. Note any new experiences you had, specific concepts you learned about in class applied in the classroom, and your overall opinion on the special education environment and support provided to students with special needs.

I have never experienced a classroom quite like the one I was placed at this semester. The Children’s Institute, a hospital and day school combined in one building is an amazing organization. They provide comprehensive support and a positive learning environment for kids that really need it the most. The teachers and aides are all very friendly and patient, and the nurses are on call to help out if a student needs assistance.
The environment in the classrooms was always very positive and supportive. I noticed that the teacher and aides were always encouraging the students to be independent in little ways. For example, though the majority of students

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