Observation Of Cristian In My Practicum Class

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I have decided to observe a boy named Cristian in my practicum class. Cristian is in 3rd grade and he is eight years old. He recently moved, and this is his first year at Meadow Lane Elementary. The transition seems to be going well for Cristian, he has a lot of friends in the class and he enjoys his time at recess. At his old school, he would get all fours on his report card, but my CT does not understand how. At Meadow Lane, Cristian is not putting in the work that my CT would consider a four. Cristian does not bring back completed homework that was assigned to him the day before. He usually brings back incomplete math homework and guided reading homework that has not been touched. This causes him to have lower scores on math quizzes and unit tests. It also causes him to fall behind in his small reading group. I suspect his home life has an impact on his problematic behaviors. I think he does not get enough attention or help at home when working on his homework. I have decided to use permanent product recordings to document when Cristian turns in his homework. I will keep a chart each week on how many times he turns in his homework for each subject. I will keep some samples of his homework, or take pictures, for proof. Then at the end of a week, I will record the number of assignments he has turned in. I think specifying the subjects that Cristian completes his homework will determine which subjects he’s more engaged in. Subjects where Cristian completes his homework

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