Observation Of Maniac Maegee

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RL 6.1 Textual Evidence.
(Maniac Magee started to live with the Beales family)I think letting Maniac Magee live with the Beales Family is important because now Maniac Magee have a place to live. I choose this passage because I feel that Maniac Magee need a home,a place to sleep and somewhere to eat.It is significant to me because it shows me how the Beales family care about him.This development the story because it tells me that the Beales family take care of him by letting him live with them. RL 6.2 Determine a Theme or Central.
The theme of the story is Racism Because the people told Maniac Magee to go back to his own kind.They told him to go home and then wrote on the Beale’s family home saying go home fishbelly.
They kick him out of the
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