Observation Of Migrant Mother

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Make observations:
The migrant mother is in the foreground of the image, while her children are in the background of the image. The migrant mother is the major element in this image, while the children are the minor elements are the children. The mother is staring out in the distance, and appears to have a concerned expression on her face. She is worried, and her clothes are ragged. There are three children in this image: two of them near her shoulders, and another in her lap. It appears that the child in her lap is an infant, and was born somewhat recently.
Connect the observations:
In 1936, the Dust Bowl was occurring in the United States. The Dust Bowl was a series of dust storms that destroyed lives, and forced many citizens in the Midwest to relocate to California. According to Lange, this image was taken in California. It is possible that the mother and her children have been displaced from their homes, and are escaping to California looking for work. However, finding work in California was often a fruitless effort. There was typically little to no work for migrants, which could be a source of stress for the migrant mother. She has three children, but she is most likely unable to feed them. This is further supported by the state of her clothes and her children’s clothes. They are tattered, which indicates there is not enough money to buy new clothes.
Draw inferences from the related observations:
A possible interpretation of this situation is that the woman has recently migrated from the Midwest, and is struggling to provide for her family. She is in a difficult situation, because she loves her children but is unable to provide them with an ideal lifestyle. Their faces are covered in dust, and the mother is wearing an expression of hopelessness. The tone of this image is one of hopelessness, the underlying emotion common in almost all the “Okies” at the time. The hardships have worn the migrant mother down, and she is struggling to survive with her three children. There are no other family members present in the image, suggesting that she is the sole provider and sole source of income for her family.
Form a tentative interpretative conclusion:
By depicting the facial expression of the woman and her
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