Observation Of Mrs. Trimble In The ESL Classroom

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The classroom that I observed was in Kindergarten at Hopkins Elementary in Kirby, Texas. The classroom consisted of 16 students; 12 fluent in Spanish and 4 fluent in English. The ESL level is a Dual language of 90/10. English is used to reinforce when needed and continuously throughout the day. Mrs. Trimble had a few students that spoke both languages coming into the classroom but needed additional learning. Her instruction within the classroom was verbal, written, and visual aids. I will be covering the following topics; were the students aware of class language and content objectives, how did Mrs. Trimble instruct the content and language objectives, types of student group configurations used, and how did she accommodate for different ELP levels?
When I first arrived all of the students sat at the carpet awaiting the teacher. I could see that the students were aware of the class language and content objectives from the start. The teacher started off the day using Spanish for math and ELA and after lunch she went into using English for science and social studies. She had a few students that were ESL and also had attention deficit disorder that she would work on one-on-one with. The content concepts are appropriate for this age and educational background. Alphabet, months of the year, days of the week and numbers are taught both in English
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She pronounces words and letters slowly so that the student can understand what she is saying. She also goes over each question more than once so that she the student is able to remember the next time. She also provides pictures to help the student to relate the word to the picture. Her body language and tone are evident when teaching not only the ELL and ESL students but also the ELP students as well. Finally she allows her students to interact with her to help them understand the lessons and what she is asking of
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