Observation Of My Field Work Experience At Prince Avenue Baptist Church

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Introduction This essay will cover the observation of my field work experience at Prince Avenue Baptist Church. I will discuss the importance of character education, motivation, and development (cognitive, social, and moral). I observed these concepts being utilized and portrayed and will discuss the details of each. I will conclude with how I plan to use these certain theories and concepts in my future classroom. Field Experience Site: Prince Avenue Baptist Church During my field-work experience, I learned many important things. I shadowed Prince Avenue Baptist Church and their MOP 's (Mother 's of Preschoolers) program. The program contains mostly middle to upper class Caucasians. It is located in Bogart, Georgia, and offers many…show more content…
My Field Experience: Connections to Educational Psychology In this class I was able to assist with everything the students did. I helped with craft time where the students would create a craft depending on what the lesson plan was for that week. I helped students utilize their fine motor skills by advocating the individual task of using a glue stick without help, coloring in the lines, and using safety scissors. Each task was focused on the child performing at the best of his or her ability and using praise to promote the task and the child 's ability to perform the task. During story time the students would sit in a circle and either Mrs. Abby or I would read to them while asking questions about the story or about something pertaining to the story. During music time, the students watched educational videos about letters, numbers, colors, and how to count. I saw that the videos kept their attention while also allowing them to dance and sing along. In this type of class setting I was able to contribute to the development and advancement of each child by pouring my knowledge and experience into their lives. Having such a small class was helpful in that I could focus on each child individually to ensure that the students were equally cared for and valued. In this program, character education was heavily utilized. Since it is a church setting and the teachers are affiliated with Christianity, the moral aspects of the

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