Observation Of Port City Java Coffee Shop

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Even in the things that we think are familiar there are surprises. This is something that I learned while doing my ethnographic observation of Port City Java coffee shop. Port City Java is located inside Talley Student Union on the first floor. This coffee shop does not have any doors to close it off but is open to the inside of the student union. It is located next to the bookstore on one side and to the One Earth cafeteria on the other side. It is in a very prominent location in the student union and would be very hard not to see if you were walking through it. Port City Java is set up with two cash registers at the front with the case of baked goods and bottled drink directly next to it. Behind the registers there is an open workspace where one can watch the employees make their drinks. Behind this open workspace there is an open doorway which leads into what could be described as a kitchen where the food items are prepared. On the right side there is a bar where drinks and food are placed when it is ready. On the outside of this bar there is a place for people to put cream and sugar into their drinks. Surrounding the main coffee shop there are little, red, two person tables lining the wall on the right side and more tables on the left side across from where the registers are located. Port City Java is a very clean place without many places for dirt or trash to pile up since the actual coffee shop is not very large in size. The amount of people was very dependent on the
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