Observation Of Self-Efficacy

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A Field-based Observation of Self-Efficacy and the Issue of New Job Expertise in the Current Economic Recession (125)Reflection: The social concept is derived from Albert Bandura’s theory of Self-Efficacy , which is based on the belief of an individual to either master or avoid a certain task. I found that Self-efficacy often defines how individuals attempt to achieve a certain task, such as learning new job skill, in an attempt to succeed in a difficult economic environment. In my own experience, I witnessed a friend of mine attempted to get a managerial business degree, but he had failed due to a low-level of self-esteem and ineffective observational learning skills. Self-Efficacy provided me with a psychological framework in which to understand how individuals fail or succeed when learning a new task. (225)Theory/Research: My field observation involves observing a group of friends at lunch, which involves four individuals from differing professional backgrounds. The participants were made of two males: Jack and Frank, and two females: Stacy and Melinda. The observation lasted for a period of two hours. I began the conversation by addressing the issue of learning new job skills during difficult economic times. The concept of this field observation was to discover the different ways in which the participants avoided or mastered different job skills in a collegiate environment. More so, Self-Efficacy defines the ability to believe in oneself in relation to a task:
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