Observation Of Sight Translation : Progress, Problems, And Prospects

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The published paper of Sight Translation as A Topic in Interpreting Research: Progress, Problems, and Prospects. Across Languages and Cultures 15 (1): 69-91, written by Li, Xiangdong (2014) is highly insightful and informative. Referencing and in-text citations are also very convincing; the ideas are inspiring, and the examples adopted are clear, it presents a critical evaluation of current literature and outlining possible research needs. As it is universally acknowledged that sight translation is becoming increasingly important, not only it is a professional practice, but also a necessary part for learners. The problem lies in that when comparing with other interpreting studies, there is far from enough research that has been done to reveal its importance and to clarify definition. Furthermore, the empirical researches of ST need to be done to provide with a better predictor for consecutive and simultaneous interpreting courses. Li reviewed the previous research from the perspectives of process, products and pedagogy respectively, and continued to explore the problems in the existing literature and research prospects. In other words, ST deserves more attention in future interpreting studies.

In the first part, Li discussed about the necessity of sight translation research in the following aspects: the shortage of literature on ST research, ST as a professional training in interpreting field, ST as an curriculum tool in class and ST as an critical part in learner needs.

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