Observation Of Student Athletes

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During my observations only two students waited to present their I.D.'s to the employee who at the time was busy with another task, compared to the seventeen students who briskly walked past the employee while they were busy (It is important to note here that I am not counting students who I perceive to be athletes in this count. I will discuss student athletes in more depth later on). Through these observations and my small talk with various students around campus, I came to the conclusion that most students don't see the necessity of presenting their I.D.'s and find the new event to be troublesome and annoying.
I asked two different employee's why students had to show their I.D.'s and received generally the same answer. Both first started
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The Bucknell Bubble is the idea that most students don't know about life outside of Bucknell's campus. There may exist in the bubble the idea that no one will steal or do…show more content…
My initial thoughts were that it can't be expected of student athletes who are returning from or going to a workout/practice to carry around their I.D. at all times. After all, I would not want to carry a card while running that if I lost, I would not be able to get into my dorm room, able to get food, and have to pay the 50$ fee to replace my lost I.D. So, my first hypothesis was that depending on what the student was wearing and their posture dictated whether or not they were expected to show their I.D.'s or not. If the student was in running attire they would not have anywhere to put their I.D. and therefore be able to enter the KLARC without it. This hypothesis was further backed up by my own experience when entering the KLARC. When I was going to noon meetings for football I was wearing jeans that had pockets as well as a backpack, both places I would be able to keep my I.D. When entering the employee looked at me with the expectation that I would show my I.D. However, when I entered on a different day before practice wearing athletic shorts and my knee braces, the employee looked at me and immediately waved me by, without me showing him my I.D. After all, there was no place for me to securely keep my I.D. on
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