Observation Of The Bystander Effect Essay

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The purpose of this research paper is to help precisely identify the “bystander effect” as defined by noted social psychologists. It will also explain why the bystander effect occurs and with whom it occurs more often. Using multiple examples of psychological studies on this concept, this paper will give reasons the bystander effect is an important and yet controversial thing to study. Additionally, it will outline how these studies are conducted and the setbacks of those methods. Lastly, this paper will come to a conclusion based on the results of the studies cited.
The Importance of Studying the Bystander Effect It is critical to understand the bystander effect in order to predict how individuals will react to certain emotionally arousing situations. Will they risk themselves and help the victim? Or will they stick to self-preservation and avoid the potentially dangerous situation altogether? Also, are people more likely to help someone who is a member of their in-group? Are they less likely to assist a member of their outgroup? Abbott and Cameron found that people have a greater ingroup bias when they have less intergroup interaction. Meaning, those who are more isolated in their own group with little socialization with others, will be less likely to stand up and assist someone in an out-group. These findings are very important to help us understand why some people ignore emergency situations when someone clearly needs assistance, and better predict who they will

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