Observation Of The Eating Observation Assignment

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Throughout this course, I have studied and participated in various methods of research. There were some methods I loved, some that I thought were useful, but they had their limitations, and a few that I did not particularly enjoy. Let’s start one of the methods that I enjoyed the most, direct observation. I used direct observation for the eating observation assignment. I first thought that I would be very uncomfortable using this method, but once I was practicing it I did not feel uncomfortable. I think this method is very useful since people act like themselves when they believe no one is watching. This allows researches to collect accurate data without the worry that the data could be skewed. Since my participant did not know that he was being observed, he felt comfortable is his surroundings to act like himself. I do like this research method and I would use it again, however there is a down side to the method. Since you cannot talk to you’re participants you then have to make your own conclusions, which may not always be accurate. This problem also comes up with systematic observation. Systematic observation was a method that I did not particularly enjoy. I found that there were too many flaws with the method, like the one previously stated. Another flaw with systematic observation is that the researcher is taking their own preconceived notions into their research. With systematic observation, one is looking for something that they believe people to do. The problem with…
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