Observation Of The Educational Arts Healing Workshops

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Quota sampling will be used in this study, where 20-25 children between the ages of 8-15 years old from one classroom at the Turkish Refugee Camp will be selected. These will be Syrian refugee children who have live in the camp for at least two years and have been enrolled in the school for at least one year. Materials This study will use a template of the educational-arts healing workshops that will be implemented in one refugee classroom as part of the curriculum. The study will require questionnaires and forms for the children to fill. For the qualitative interviews, the study will use audio recorders. Data Collection Instrument Phase 1. In this study, the first phase will consist of collecting quantitative data by observing and…show more content…
The collected statistics will be used to summarize the data, to determine relationships and connections, and to describe patterns. These patterns and connections will then be used for phase two, where qualitative data analysis will be used to better understand the quantitate results. For phase two, Atlas will be used to code data from the open-ended interview questions. As part of sequential explanatory research, meaningful inferences will from the results of each strand reported to see how the educational arts program in helping the children will building a positive social identity in their new environment. In doing so, the conclusions gathered from the two strands will be integrated to provide a fuller understanding of the phenomenon of this study. Validation This study will use various forms of validation to make sure that the information is accurate and valid. For the qualitative data, the study will use homogeneity and convergent validity. With homogeneity, the instrument will measure only one construct. Moreover, the use of convergent validity will show that the instrument is strongly correlated with other instruments measuring similar variables. For phase two, the study will use member check to insure validity. The collected data will be checked by other researchers and the participants to remove any

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