Observation Of Various Life Stages

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Observation of various life stage Eliabel Ramirez Troy University Author Note Eliabel Ramirez, Troy University. Eliabel Ramirez is currently a Graduate Student in Psychology and Counseling at Troy University. Abstract It is psychology’s job, as a science, to explain normal and abnormal, individual and group human behaviors, which is complex. Nevertheless, it has been studied, analyzed and understood, by scientists, theorists, researchers and scholars who have given that task optimum attention, collecting and registering outcomes, thoughts, and results of endless observations and studies of human beings and their behaviors all stages throughout a lifespan, taking into account fundamental factors as are historical and cultural contexts, since they influence human development, and behaviors, which are bounded by time and place as well. Key words: Behaviors, observation, researchers, lifespan Live text assignment II Observation of Various Life Stages Observation is a complex process that records information about what the observer sees, and hears. However, this type of observation is limited to the extent of these senses’ accuracy. This leaves us with the psychological processes of individuals, but the psychologist must fend off the physical evidence of observed behaviors, to analyze and predict both individual and group behavior during the different stages of human life. The observer will describe in detail an observation conducted onto 2 groups of

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