Observation On Employee Motivation

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Findings Results from thematic analysis of data found that employees’ motivation on the dairy was affected by the three main categories: workplace relationships and culture, ethnic culture, and affection toward job. Workplace relationships and culture was overwhelmingly the most frequent theme, being coded 62 times. Affection towards job was coded 24 times, and ethnic culture was coded 19 times (appendix C). All three themes indicated effect on work motivation of employees. Workplace Relationships and Culture: “We Are Family” From the moment observations started, the importance of intrapersonal relationships was evident. From my second observation I wrote in a memo: I came to the dairy this morning and the crew (outside guys) were welcoming and portrayed a feeling of warmth. Pan and Grandpa were playing pranks on one another while filling the bottles and managed to play a few on me by the end of our shift. I was amazed how everyone supported one another throughout the shift. David slipped at one point and Louie managed to catch him. They both chucked and continued on with their work. Everyone seems to be happy today and enjoying their job. There is some kind of positive work culture here- I just can’t put my finger on it yet. Among numerous other observations of the crew working together as a harmonious team, I watched an interaction between two of the employees that assisted in pin pointing the work culture of the participants. One day during observations, I saw Grandpa

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