Observation On Highway 92

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On 07/19/15 at approximately 0213 hours, I, Officer Artaz conducted a traffic stop east of Highway 92 and Stafford Lane. This location is in the City of Delta, County of Delta and the State of Colorado. The driver was identified as Eric Coutts (DOB 06/24/87).
While I was patrolling Highway 92, I observed a silver ford F150 truck bearing Colorado license plate headed east on Highway 92. This vehicle appeared to be going at a high rate of speed, and once I caught up to it I had to maintain a speed of 55-60 miles per hour.
I followed this vehicle and in the 1400 block of Highway 92, I observed it cross over the solid white median line. I continued to follow the vehicle and observed it cross the dotted center line.
At this time I activated me emergency equipment, and the vehicle pulled over to
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Eric speech was slurred as he spoke to me, and he was slow to react to my directions.
I asked Eric for his license, registration and insurance. Eric was able to provide me with his license and insurance, but was unable to provide his registration. Eric explained that he didn’t have a registration because it was being redone.
After running Eric through NCIC/CCIC I re contacted him and asked him to please step out of the vehicle. Eric asked me why and I explained to him that I thought he may be under the influence of alcohol, and I need to make sure he was safe to operate his vehicle. I told Eric I could do this if he was willing to do the voluntary roadside maneuvers, and reiterated that they are voluntary. Eric stated that he had had a beer but refused to do the maneuvers, and I told him I needed him to still step out of the vehicle.
Eric exited vehicle and I explained to him that I believed he was under the influence of alcohol and again confirmed that he was refusing to perform the voluntary roadside maneuvers, Eric said yes. I told Eric that at this time he was being arrested for suspicion of
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