Observation On Scaffolding Learning During Play

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play is an excellent opportunity for adult to scaffolding learning during play can be particularly successful because, as children‘s own purposes and needs direct play, they are more discernible to the observe and, the child is working athis highestlevel, the adult can more easily gauge whether the level of challenge is with the child’s ZPD. Duncan and Lockwood, (2008:95) role of observation during Play is an instrument to observation which creates opportunity for children to display their disposition and attitude from their innermost in which enable practitioners to observe children’s play. -Friedrich Froebel (1887) believed strongly in the importance of play, they felt that based on observations of children at play it gave teachers in sight into the children’s interests and the curriculum could be developed for those interests. (Downey and Garzoil, 2007) Fawcett,(2009:p15) explains “observation is about taking children seriously, hearing what they have to say, respecting interpretations, and value their imagination and ideas, their unexpected theories, their exploration of feeling sound viewpoints.’’ And also Duncan and Lockwood, (2008) argued that `observation is not just looking; it also involves listening and note- taking in an objective manner’. Further explain we can observe play either formally or informally’: a child who feels emotionally uncomfortable in class or who is unhappy willfind it difficult to take up an activity, and even more so, to become involved in…
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