Observation Paper On Martha

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Martha is a rising fourth grader who attends the North Carolina School for the Deaf, and she is Hard-of-Hearing. Her school is unlike public schools in that teachers and students use sign language as the primary form of communication. Martha delights in activities that children with “normal” hearing also enjoy such as shopping with her mom, playing games like Trouble, writing, drawing, spending time with her family, assisting with chores, and watching television. She discusses how she frequents Chic-Fil-A where on occasion she will meet other girls that comprehend some sign language. These girls usually show interest in wanting to be her friend, so they exchange phone numbers so they can get to know one another. In order to communicate with…show more content…
My first observation is that Martha exudes a tremendous amount of self-confidence. She thoroughly enjoys communicating with people and continually honing these skills. This girl has big dreams of being in the medical field. Martha is faced with some challenges as a Hard-of-Hearing individual, however, she overcomes them with grace and an eager willingness. She copes with communication challenges by using technology such as her videophone. This technology enables her to use American Sign Language with friends and family. In addition, Martha will write notes with people who may not know how to sign. Though this method may be time-consuming, it allows her to deal effectively with a communication challenge. Martha’s positive outlook on life shines through when she speaks to the camera; her positivity is infectious. She seems very approachable, and discusses how hearing individuals should be assertive and should not be afraid to speak with Hard-of-Hearing individuals. Also, Martha says she has many friends, and she appears to lead a relatively normal family life. She does not live in isolation, and she does not fear others’ perceptions of her disability. In fact, Martha welcomes individuals to communicate with her so she can better her communication skills with normal hearing people. Martha’s confidence, excitement, and approachability draw me to her and make me want to get to know
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