Observation Report : Concrete Observation

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Concrete Observation
On Thursday, September 14, 2017 at 2:05 PM in a hallway on the second floor of the Wyatt Building at Vanderbilt University, seven students from a lab group in HOD 1300 were assigned a task to come up with a name for the lab group. The students’ instructions were to find a place to meet and then name the group.
The observed group for this Participant Observation (PO) consisted of two females and five males sitting in an ellipse-like circle in a secluded hallway (Figure 1).

Figure 1
On the table at the lower left of Figure 1, a lamp sat in the lower right corner closest to the couch. Adam put his laptop on the outer right edge of the table next to
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Tyler said, “We should do something slick.” While speaking, Tyler made direct eye contact with me. Once finished speaking, he leaned back to the right side of his chair and adjusted his body by pulling himself further back into the seat. Adam began running his fingers through his beard before saying, “It is a very hard conversation to have.” Once Adam finished speaking, Gracie nodded her head without saying anything. Tyler and I made eye contact again for approximately three seconds. Will adjusted himself in his chair and began sitting criss-cross, putting his hands on his knees. He then said, “We have to do something about our group.” While speaking, he made eye contact with Ashley. I then said, “Maybe we should do something on teamwork.” Will and Caitlyn laughed after my statement. Caitlyn leaned forward and adjust herself in her chair by scooting back more in the seat. She then looked down at her laptop and began typing. Will then said, “I liked that. Teamwork. One word.” Will paused for a few seconds before and after saying the word ‘teamwork’. While talking, he scratched his leg and began typing on his computer. He also made eye contact with Ashley again. Waving his right hand while speaking, Tyler said “What if we made ‘work’ an acronym?” As he spoke, his tone got lower and he waved his right hand around in front of his face. In a high-pitched voice, Gracie said, “I like that.” Ashley began waving her hands before saying, “We could make each letter a
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