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Data Report The following data was gathered while fulfilling duties as a principal intern at Theresa Bunker Elementary School. The data was observed during five to seven minutes of classroom observation as part of a walk-through in the spring of the current school year. My cooperating supervisor for my internship was able to go on these walk-throughs with me in order to have a productive reflection meeting afterwards. This elementary school has two of each grade level from Kindergarten to sixth grade. Since it was more feasible in this small school setting, I actually was able to do a walkthrough in eight classes. Here I will report my observations from five of those walk-throughs. As I went in to each room I was looking for four…show more content…
There were two students using iPads with the volume up loud enough to hear as I entered as well. Three students were riffling through a bucket of plastic letters without being entirely successful in finding the letters they were seeking. Two students were using a drawer of foam letters and word cards to put the letters on the corresponding word. The final student was alone just looking at a book herself. The teacher was going back and forth between the groups who were working with letters trying to assist them in picking the correct letters. She would say the sound while feeling her throat and then tell them the letter they needed and find it for them in the box. She went to the group looking in the tub for letters and found letters for them as well. A cause for concern that we noticed was that she was asking the students to sound out the word “said” as well as having written on the board next to the sight words students were spelling that the vowel team ai =e (meaning short e sound). Mrs. Williams though it necessary to jump in at this point and make a correction since she was teaching something contrary to the curriculum and pointed out that sight words like “said” do not follow the rules of phonics always and need to be taught as a whole word. Also during this brief observation we noticed Mrs. M. having difficulty with the student who was alone. She was not engaging in any work after being asked to join the group and instead took a book and hid

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