Observation Report Project Essay

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During my observations in the different classrooms at “The childcare Center”, I learned about the proper environment, the fundamentals of the teachers lesson plans, their health and safety regulations, their approach to guidance and discipline, and overall quality childcare. The center has eight different levels of age groups; each of them has their own curriculum based on their age and developmental needs. This curriculum changes and has a new theme each month that helps the lead teachers to be able to start their lesson plans each week. From infants all the way to pre-K the lesson plans include fine motor, gross motor, art and sensory, math and manipulatives, music and movement, language including both signing and Spanish. Upon…show more content…
I saw that the staff praised and encouraged the children often without using any form of time out or negative words. As a lead teacher they take on many responsibilities from writing lesson plans, following curriculum, preparing art projects ahead of time, lead and teach children, overseeing their assistants and ensuring they are following the licensing rules and procedures, and keeping a clean and safe environment at all times. To keep each classroom in ratio sometimes there will be one or two assistants that will take on the duty of primary caregiver of one or more children depending on the ratio in the room. Many of the assistants have little experience in the child care and are currently in college. The best way to know if the person is a good fit it to do a working interview. During a working interview the applicant will be placed in one or more rooms to see how they respond to the children as well as how the children respond to them. Most of the assistants don’t have more than a high school diploma; but they are required to be CPR certified, and maintain training hours throughout the year. Infant A starts with babies as young as six weeks up until about six months when the infants become mobile. The lead teacher in this room just recently took a new position up front and Ms. Ayla who just received her CDA has taken over her position. There is a one primary care giver or teacher to every four children ratio that must always be
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