Observation Studies Of Evaluation And Institutional Research

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Running head: Observation Studies (Revised)

Observation Studies in Evaluation and Institutional Research
Observation Methodology Paper

PSYC – 724C
James Campbell
When is it appropriate to use the observation method to conduct research on subjects? Clearly, a number of questions that researchers want or need to address relating to human behaviors or actions cannot be addressed or answered by traditional research methods. One of the best ways to answer a number of these questions is the use of observation. Observational research is best used when the following factors are recognized and accommodation made to address them: Such factors are:
• Reducing the effects of the observer on the observed, to ensure the true responses are correctly recorded in the environment being observed;
• The planning is essential when using structure or unstructured observation. How this planning relates to the subject being observed, the recording and coding of data, ensuring and maximizing reliability and validity, determining whether the environment’s and subjects’ questions and code can or will lead to generalizability, is essential in this planning, if results are to be reported publicly before one’s peers;
• The appropriate use of samples, scales of measurement and time are also critical to ensuring the results are reliable and the findings are conclusive;
• Have the ethical issues related to unobtrusive methods, such as consent, been addressed? Are person’s private…
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