Observation of Cabinet Meeting for a Craft Show Essay

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Observation of Cabinet Meeting for a Craft Show I went to observe a meeting of an organization. This is an organization of select craftsmen who try and get there handcrafted wares to the public. The purpose of the meeting is to plan and organize craft shows and how they are going to get the people to come to the shows. The main topics of the meeting was craft shows and different items the members were going to try and sell to the public. The organization meets once a month to discuss any new business. This month the meeting was held on November second at six-thirty in. There were four members on the cabinet who get together to plan and schedule the meetings. They asked me not to reveal any of their …show more content…

She passed the agendas out to the rest of the members. I can tell there was primary tension between the new members because they just sat there at the beginning of the meeting and did not talk to anyone. They didn’t even participate very well. The president served as the liaison or spokesperson of the group to introduce the new members. Then I think some of the tension went away because they started to participate. It was six-thirty on the button when the president called the meeting to order. The members on the cabinet sit at a long table . The president was sitting at the far right of the table. She was considered a designated leader because she was elected by the group. I think she participated very well in playing her role as the leader of the group. She introduced the new members to the group and cabinet, explained the rules and regulations to the new members, called the meeting to order, and asked for new business. She also tried to get the new members to mature so that they would be comfortable enough to participate in the meeting. She broke the primary tension by introducing the new members to the group. They even allowed a joke or two get passed them. I think the group matured pretty fast compared to some club meetings in college that I participated in. I think the president played an important part in getting the group to mature. I would consider this a

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