Observation of Children at Play and Work

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Observation: Yesterday, in the morning, I was sitting on the floor, pretending that I was cooking something on the pot as I stir. “Child A” saw what I was doing and walked towards me. “Child A, come and see what I am cooking”, I said. She took the saucepan with the lid that was on the stove, sat down on the floor and put the saucepan down. She held on to the lid, opened it and closed it. I handed her the spoon that I was using and I took the pot and the spatula and showed her how to stir. “This is how we stir, “Child A”, I said. She started pounding the saucepan using the spoon that I gave her, making sounds. “Child B” heard the sound that “Child A” was making and saw what we are doing. “Child B” was looking at the pot and the saucepan that was on the floor as she crawls toward us. She sat on the floor beside me and opened and closed the pot twice. I opened my eyes wide and smiled, “Wow ‘Child B’ you are making sounds!”, I said. “Child B” looked at me and smiled back. I gave her the spatula and assisted her hand on how to stir. I took the kettle and the cups and put it on the floor. I sang, “This is the way we pour our drink” and pretended that I was from the cup. “Child A” took the other cup and drank from it. “Uh- oh! Out of your mouth, “Child A”, I said. Later that day, after their lunch, “Child C” went to the dramatic area and played with the kitchenware. I went to her and sang, “This is the way we stir our food” as I use the spoon to stir. She moved her head from left
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