Observation of a Failed Hip Replacement

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Case involves a 60yr old man who underwent an uncemented total hip arthroplasty or a total hip replacement, who was referred to a home PT upon d/c instructing the patient to start home PT & begin ambulation using the ‘toe touch weight bearing’ which was incorrectly mentioned in the d/c summary as ‘weight bearing as tolerated’. For the initial 6 weeks, a patient with uncemented prosthesis should begin with ‘toe touch weight bearing’ and not ‘weight bearing as tolerated’ unlike the cemented prosthesis1. Toe touch weight bearing is instructed to the patient to protect the joint & also give bone the time to grow into the porous coating of the implant2. During the patient’s visit, the PT developed a plan of care from his evaluation & examination and handed-over the case to the PTA to carry out the therapy interventions. PTA (Physical Therapy Assistant) is defined as an educated individual who works under the direction & supervision of a physical therapist3. From the mentioned case, it is clear that the PT has not read the d/c summary and also that he has not mentioned the type of prosthesis used whether a cemented or an uncemented which highlights the PT’s failure of proper documentation. PTA has elected to follow a plan of care that she felt was consistent with that of a cemented prosthesis, highlighting the PTA’s mistake because the PTA is not allowed to make any modifications and follow the plan of care as directed by the supervising PT. PTA is not being periodically
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