Essay about Observation of a History and Social Science Lesson

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Observation of a History and Social Science Lesson Gena Beamon University of Phoenix Curriculum Constructs and Assessment: History and Social Science MAT 531CA Bernardita Beni Murphy-Jobes April 7, 2009 Ms. Ceja’s third grade classroom was observed at 95th Street Elementary School, which is apart of the Los Angeles Unified School District located in Los Angeles, California. During the observation Ms. Ceja stated History and Social Studies requirement was required weekly for ninety minutes. The lesson plans duration were thirty minutes for a one day a week. During the observation the teacher provided the following outline, which was apart of a mini lesson from the teacher’s resource book, “ History-Social…show more content…
In one variation Ms. Ceja created a partial map that showed some of the concepts and linkages to demonstrate relationships and model the technique, thereafter students were asked to complete the map. The graph organizer, which is similar to the concept map, is a statement of the relationship among major themes in the reading route or passages. A question would be asked related to the materials that students have read. The format used by the teacher was flexible as observing for a student, individually or in small groups, and to locate that supports both sets of answers. While observing and reflecting on research, it was understood by this writer that graphic organizers could be used in many forms, can be used by students before studying material as a way to discern how the teacher or author has structured information (Martorella, P, and Beal, 2002). Example of Graphic Organizer Branches of the government Judicial Executive Legislative Supreme Other Political House Senate court courts parties President Cabinet Republicans Democrats The teacher had did an excellent job of assessing the students in a variety of ways, especially understanding the value of using children’s literature in her instruction. This provided a clear model of how trade books could be integrated into the social studies curriculum in the primary grades. Ms. Ceja stressed the importance of planning ahead, good book selection,
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