Observation of a Preschool Class

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The teacher is named Ms. H. The children range in age from 2 to 4. There are 5 minority children in the class (3 girls, 2 boys), one bi-racial child (boy), and all other children are Caucasian. All the children had attended the preschool for a minimum of four months prior to observation. The focus of this observation is Child A, a three-year old Caucasian female named Kennedy. The other children are:
Child B: Jonathan, Caucasian (4)
Child C: Terry, Caucasian (3)
Child D: Mark, Caucasian (4)
Child E: Douglas, Caucasian (2)
Child F: Michelle, Caucasian (3)
Child G: Craig, Caucasian (3)
Child H: Darnel, African-American (3)
Child I: Christopher, Hispanic (3)
Child J: Ethan, Bi-racial (4)
Child K: Lisa, African-American (2)
Child L: Keisha, African-American (3)
Child M: Tameka, African-American (4)

In the preschool, snacks for the children are provided 'buffet style' in an open kitchen area furnished with two connecting child-size picnic tables. Snacks and juice are accessible to the children in this area for a 45-minute period followed by free play time. Children are free to sit with one another as they please.
Dialogue observation began at the onset of snack time and I assumed the role of the usual adult 'snack helper' that would normally have been Ms. H (who would…

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