Observational Bus Ride

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Got on bus at MacArthur Bart station until the Fruitvale station Introduction- The East Bay area is an economically diverse community with many satisfactory and unsatisfactory aspects. Each city had its differences and distinctions in people, settings, and cleanliness. As the bus left the station and went around the corner I could tell that we were in a low poverty city. With loose trash and debris in front of houses and apartment buildings, the area looked torn down and not very visual pleasing. Already familiar with the city of Emeryville I knew to expect a more upscale location. With plenty of name brand stores, and new apartment complexes, it was obvious this city was clean and very different from the previous location. As the bus…show more content…
• A lot of people at Broadway and 11st Bus Stop but the street sign was not only in English but all Chinese writing. • Hotels, one was where we had our banquets held every year • Some people was hanging out mostly blacks and Asians • Trade schools and junior colleges was huge amongst this area * Areas were exploited meaning you can see the difference in people’s demeanors and settings as the bus went from city to city. I think each area is for people that can identify with each other. A large number of African American, Hispanics, and Asians rode the bus. Perhaps for cheaper and convenient transportation Differences in time: -Since I have experience with riding buses, I know that busy hours are in the morning and afternoon, when people are going to work and to school and after work and school. Normally, there’s mixed crowds of people going to work in their uniforms or business attire and there are people of all ages going

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